Fund raising

Play Croydon Community Lottery and support your community with a fundraising lottery.


50% from each ticket sold goes to support Gingerbread Corner, and there's a chance to win the £25,000 jackpot every week!




Here at Gingerbread Corner we are always trying to raise money for something, especially in today's hard economic climate. Whether it be for new Minibuses, Trips and Activities for our children or for our Sensory room, a specially designed room to stimulate the senses of children with disabilities. Even though we have this lovely building, we are still and foremost a non-profit children's charity.


Over the last thirty four years our Staff, Parents, Children and Supporters have helped us raise thousands of pounds by hosting or partaking in sponsored events, donating gifts and money or organising events and fundraising days. Some have even helped us paint rooms or improve our adventure playground.


Now more than ever we are asking for YOUR help, if there is anyway you can help us not only raise money but save money too, eg donating items that we need to save us buying them, then please get in touch.


We would like to thank everyone who has ever helped us over the years and all those who continue to support us, but as i'm sure you are aware, fundraising never ends.


Thank you!


Gift Aid and Standing Orders

This coming financial year we are having to reduce costs and increase income to keep Gingerbread Corner going and providing much needed services for our local community and many low income and disadvantaged families.


You can help us to do this by making a donation to Gingerbread Corner, monthly, quarterly or even annually. If you are a tax payer then Gift Aid allows Gingerbread Corner to claim back the tax on any donation you make at a rate of 28%.


For example: A monthly donation of £5 will increase our income by £76.80 over a year and a quarterly donation of £20, will increase our income by £102.40 over a year.


If you think you can help with any aspect of fund raising and would like to get involved, please give us a call on 020 8683 3322, email us at or press the donate button now!






To tweet a donation, for example to give £2 to Save the Children, simply enter the following, and tweet it:

#Givey @gingerbreadccc 1


Alternatively, if you prefer to give via SMS, simply text the following to 88008.