Terms and conditions

for Hire of Gingerbread Corner (GBC) for Children's Parties


1. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is payable to secure the booking, and the full fee is due no later than two weeks before the event date.


2. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be provided with the name and phone number of the Party Caretaker who will open and close the premises, although you will not be able to contact them personally until an hour before the arranged booking time.


3. Gingerbread Corner (GBC) will repay your deposit if you keep to these conditions for hire and, by signing this document (or by returning it via email), you signify your understanding and your agreement to the terms of hire. You may only use the premises for the purpose stated on the booking form.


4. Please arrive at the time specified on the booking form. Otherwise, the Party Caretaker will wait only 15 minutes, unless you contact them. This means you may not be able to use the premises.


5. If you are unsatisfied with condition of the premises on entry, you must notify the Party Caretaker immediately.


6. We may use our CCTV footage in the event of a dispute or to investigate an incident or possible breach of these terms and conditions.


7. In the event of any loss or damage to the premises arising from the hire, costing more than the deposit, you agree to reimburse GBC in full for all reasonable costs incurred. All damages must be reported to the Party Caretaker when they return.


8. You are responsible for the safety of your guests and for any injuries, howsoever caused, including injuries caused as a result of your or their negligence or contravention of current health and safety legislation or requirements, whilst on the premises. This includes use of a Bouncy Castle (which must not be bigger than 8 feet in height and only placed in the hall area) do so at their own risk.


9. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage to any property that you or your guests, bring into the premises.


10. You must ensure your guests are aware that you hold responsibility for any loss or injuries, howsoever caused.


11. For your safety and that of your guests, in the event of a fire or other emergency, the enclosed 'Fire Safety Sheet' guidance must be followed.


12. Fires Exits must only be used in the event of a fire or other emergency and at no other time.


13. Any nuisance caused to our neighbours may result in your deposit being forfeited.


14. You must remain on the premises until the Party Caretaker returns to lock up.


15. The following activities are absolutely prohibited:


- Congregating or playing on the road outside GBC premises

- The use of any outside area, apart from on the Sun Terrace

- The use of fireworks or other explosives is strictly prohibited on the premises and grounds

- Cooking including barbecues

- PA systems/amplified music/large speakers/DJs

- Absolutely no smoking is allowed on GBC premises including outside areas. (Any illegal activities will be reported to the police.)

- The use of any equipment, apart from a bouncy castle (as per guidance above).

- Pinning balloons or decorations on the painted walls of the premises.

- Food, drink or toys being taken into the Romp Room

- Loud music (particularly bass)

- Attempting to gain access to any locked areas of the premises for the duration of the hire.


16. Parking is available in GBC's car park at users' own risk. Please ask your guests parking on the road outside GBC to park and drive with consideration to our neighbours.


17. The Romp Room can only be used by children aged 11 years or under, and must be supervised by at least one adult at all times. A maximum of eight children may use the Romp Room at any one time and fewer may be required, at your discretion.


18. The premises must be left clean and tidy for the return of the Party Caretaker (a broom, bin bags and cleaning equipment are supplied, and located in the Hall by the door). The refuse bins are located in the service driveway next to the building.


19. The Party Caretaker will return at the time specified on the booking form, at which time you and your guests should be ready to leave. They will complete an inspection of the premises with you. If you are late leaving, all or part of your deposit may not be refunded.


20. Additional space (if available) can be hired on the day on arrangement with the Party Caretaker who will take additional payment in cash.


21. Your party should finish in time for you to tidy up and be out of the build by 5PM on the dot, there will be a charge for going over this time.


By agreeing to this disclaimer I understand and agree to abide by these conditions during the period of my hire of Gingerbread Corner.


Bouncy castle disclaimer


All persons using a Bouncy Castle (which should not be bigger than 2.8 metres in height and only placed in the hall area) or any other inflatable equipment at Gingerbread Corner do so at their own risk and therefore Gingerbread Corner cannot accept responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using hired equipment.


By agreeing to this disclaimer, I the hirer accept sole responsibility for the safety of persons using a bouncy castle at Gingerbread Corner and agree to ensure that any guidelines provided by the hire company if applicable, are adhered to at all times and by agreeing this form I accept full liability for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use.





Once your booking has been confirmed you will be provided with the name of the keyholder who will open and close the premises, together with a contact telephone number in case of any emergencies. A broom and bin bags are supplied, and will be located in the Hall by the door, together with a mop and bucket for any spillages. The bins are located in the service driveway next to the building.